★★ 2020Center for Cancer Research International teleconference★★

【      Time      】06/21/2020 (Sun.) 08:30~12:30

【  Speakers   】Dr. Kuan-Lin Huang、Dr. Hong-Quan Duong、Dr. Shih-Feng Tsai

【   Location   】9F meeting room, International Academic Research Building, KMU

【       Title      】Genetic mutations during carcinogenesis: NGS and bioinformatics

【 Participant Teacher or Student in KMU, Dorctor or Researcher in KMUH

【  Register    】https://forms.gle/LWzn6MwuTDg6ekUA6

CCR websitehttps://ccr.kmu.edu.tw/


(1)This activity provided the teacher growth-factor (2 points in research), please fulfill the conference.

(2)We provide lunch to you if you registered and check-in.

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