0319 lecture English


★★ CCR Special lecture ★★

【Time】2020/03/19 14:00-16:00

【Location】CS301, Chi-Shin Building


【Title】Extracellular Vesicles Based Cancer Diagnosis and Therapy

【Presenter】Ly James Lee, Yushan Scholar, Institute of Biopharmaceutical Sciences, National Yang Ming University

【Title】Precision medicine based drug-biomarker discovery via big data analysis

【Presenter】Chi-Ying Huang, Distinguished Professor, Institute of Biopharmaceutical Sciences,National Yang Ming University


【Registered website】Registered

  Deadline: 2020/03/18 18:00 (Wed.)
**Before entering the venue, please follow the instructions of the staff;to implement alcohol disinfection and temperature measurement. It is also recommended to bring your own and wear a mask throughout the lecture**.

**In the application (research) of teacher growth points for this activity, both the lectures entitles the same activity. Please participate in the activity and complete the "check-in / check-out"**.

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