Seminar on Drug Screening Platform for New Age Cancer Research

1. Theme: Drug Screening Platform for New Age Cancer Research


The Drug development platforms based on current trends in oncological research


The development of precision medicine for cancer treatment, the study of tumor microenvironment, the effects of hypoxic factors, tumor-associated macrophages and mesenchymal stem cells on cancer formation, cell therapy and immunotherapy. These cancer treatment development trends require new Platform for drug screening or development. Therefore, using gene editing technology to generate corresponding genetically modified mouse or cell cancer models will be an important platform. We can use a variety of gene editing technologies such as PiggyBac hops, Crispr / Cas and homologous recombination to perform specific gene editing on the target gene body. The cancerous cells or animals generated can be used as a model for drug development.


2. Participants: teachers and students, researchers of Kaohsiung Medical University


3. Number of participants: 50


4. Activity time: December 11, 107 (Tuesday) 14: 00 ~ 16: 00


Time: December 11, 2018, 14: 00 16: 00


13: 45 ~ 14: 00 Registration


14: 00 ~ 14: 40 The current trends in oncological research. Dr. Zhu Peiwen


14: 40 ~ 15: 10 Gemome editing techniques in generating cancer models. Researcher Tang Zhihao


15: 10 ~ 15: 20 Take a Bake


15: 20 ~ 15: 50 The application of cancer models in oncological research and therapy development. Mr. Zhuang Weiji


15: 50 ~ 16: 00 Discussion


5. Venue: Half Audiovisual Center on the 3rd floor of Lixue Building


Venue: Audio-visual center, Li-Hsueh Building, Kaohsiung Medical University, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan


6. Registration URL:


7. Organizer: Kemai Gene Technology Co., Ltd.


Co-organizer: Center for Infectious Disease

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