Non-Invasive and High-Resolution Ultrasound Imaging System for Small Animals

1. Introduction:

The Ultrasound Imaging System of VisualSonic Vevo 2100TM system was designed for small animal phenotyping. This system provides a convenient, flexible and friendly tool for applications including cardiovascular, inflammation, abdominal cavity, reproductive system, embryo and tumor.

Transducer (present): MS-550D transducer: The frequency is 40 MHz, and width and depth of imaging is 14.1 mm and 15 mm respectively.

Imaging mode (present):

B-Mode for anatomical visualization and quantification.
M-Mode for visualization and quantification of wall motion in cardiovascular research.
Contrast mode for application of ultrasound contrast medium.

Doppler mode for flow display in arteries and veins.

Anesthesia system: Isoflurane and oxygen mixcture are available.

Brief description of operation:

  1. Open anaesthesia apparatus and physiological monitor. (as the figure 3,6 below shown)
  2. Open the gas steel bottle and air cock, input isoflurane to the cage.(as the figure 2 below shown)
  3. Put the animal in the cage and wait for animal anesthesia. (as the figure 4 below shown)
  4. Put animal on the operation station(as the figure 5 below shown)     Let animal’s nose to gas line. (as the figure 7 below shown)
  5. Remove animal’s hair of scanning area.
  6. Ultrasound gel smearing.
  7. Use transducer to start scanning.


Isoflurane adjuster


Cylinder of oxygen


Anaesthesia apparatus


Anaesthesia box


Operating platform


Physiological monitor


Mouse on the operating platform


2. Service items

Cancer Biology, Cardiovascular, Neurobiology, Developmental Biology, Nephrology, Hepatology, Ophthalmology, Reproductive Biology, Rheumatology & Muscuskeletal, Regenerative Medicine & Stem Cell


3. Charges

Charging standards as follows,

  1. Our charge rule was made refer to Cheng Kung University.
  2. We charge 200 dollars per hour to the institute of our school, and the fee between cooperation institute/institute of outside is following the ratio of 1:1.2:2.

Users need to prepare anesthesia drug, if not, we need to charge extra fee of drug.


 4. Related Forms

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